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Since they are the only parts on your vehicle that actually contact the road, your tires play a massive role in nearly everything you do with your car, truck, or SUV. Whether they're delivering engine power to push you forward, gripping the road to slow you down, or converting forward momentum into lateral force to get you around a corner, your tires have a lot of work to do. They even aid in absorbing bumps to give you a comfortable ride! To give yourself the high-quality driving experience you deserve, visit Kia of Sussex and take advantage of our tire services today!

Finding the Right Tires

Seasonal factors can drastically affect which type of tires you need. Our service experts can help you find the right tires for the season, and knowing which ones you want will help you make the right choice.

When the temperature drops and the snow starts flying, winter or "snow" tires are going to be what you're looking for. They have a softer rubber compound that has an easier time gripping ice cold pavement for optimum grip on dry winter roads. Meanwhile, special tread patterns and added tread depth will give you the extra grip you need for dealing with snow and ice, so you can drive with confidence in any conditions.

All-season tires are perfect if you tend to shy away from the worst of winter weather. This jack-of-all-trades tire is easily capable of dealing with rainy spring conditions, hot summer weather, and even light snow.

If you're looking to make the most of the summer months, find some summer tires to match! These tires are made of harder rubber than winter or all-season tires, and that helps them hold up to the scorching hot pavement of a sunny August day. These tires also deal with rainy conditions thanks to special tread patterns, so you can take a rainy weekend cruise with confidence.

When Will You Know It's Time For New Tires? 

Tire Services Available

Finding the right set of tires is one thing, but our service center offers services that will help you make the most out of every mile with each set of tires you buy. It all starts with our state-of-the-art tire balancing equipment. This not only gives you a buttery smooth ride on your new set of tires, but can help extend the life of the set by ensuring even wear around the entire tire.

Check back in with us every 10,000 miles or so for a tire rotation as well! Since your front tires will generally wear out much more than the rears, having your tires rotated regularly will allow you to make the most out of a full set of four. Rather than changing all four tires when the fronts become worn, simply rotate your tires every few thousand miles and you'll be able to keep them for twice as long.

Road hazards are just a part of life, and it is never fun to buy a whole new set of tires just because one has a puncture. Fortunately, our service center has the tools and expertise required to deal with most tire punctures to keep you on the road. We'll use a rubber plug to stop the escape of air, and it will be chemically sealed to the surrounding tire rubber to ensure a complete patch job. This is not only more effective than a patch, but it will last much longer as well, so you should be able to finish out the life of your current set of tires without issue.

Finally, wheel alignment services will ensure that nothing about your vehicle is causing premature tire wear. A misaligned suspension can cause one part of your tire to wear out at an incredible rate, so you may not even see the wear and suddenly have a tire issue. With a wheel alignment at our dealership we'll ensure everything is as it should be with your suspension and steering components so you aren't burning through tires more quickly than you should.

Schedule Your Tire Service Today!

If you feel a new set of tires may be in your future, schedule your next service appointment today! We'll make sure you have the right set of tires for your vehicle so you can drive with confidence no matter what comes next.


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