Refinancing vs. Trading in Your Car

The team at Kia of Sussex wants you to make an informed vehicle purchase, so we are going to help explain all the differences between trading in your car and refinancing.

With refinancing, not only will you get lower rates, you will also get lower monthly payments, Although this might seem like the best deal, remember that you may not have this option if your vehicle is very old or in poor driving condition. 

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Importance of Checking Tire Pressure

Our team here at Kia of Sussex understand the importance of keeping up on vehicle maintenance. Keeping the proper tire pressure in your wheels can help to keep you safe on the road. How can you ensure your tires are properly inflated?

Under-inflated tires can cause the tread to wear out faster than normal. Over time this can reduce the traction and even cause a blowout on the road. 

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Get Ready for Tailgating with Your Truck or SUV

Tailgating is a great way to have a casual party and enjoy a game too. We at Kia of Sussex have some great tips for tailgating with your truck. Getting your essentials ready before the day of the game is key for a stress-free event.

Turning a toolbox into a tailgating kit is a great way to fit everything in and keep it all organized. Include cooking utensils, bottle openers, can openers, zip bags, sunscreen, rain gear, trash bags, paper towels, and spices. 

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Reasons to Consider a Hatchback Vehicle

While drivers seem to prefer sedans over a hatchback alternative, hatchbacks offer plenty of practical perks that make them a smart choice.

Hatchbacks typically offer drivers more cargo space than sedans. Folding down the rear seats extends the cargo area for carrying loads and can even match the capacity of some SUVs in certain models. 

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Reduce Glare with These Helpful Tips

When motorists are driving just after sunrise and just before sunset, they can experience blinding glare. This increases the risk of car accidents, and it is also dangerous to pedestrians, which include students walking to school or the school bus. Read our safety tips that can help you reduce glare when you are driving into the sun.

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Why Car Covers Can be Vital for Your Vehicle

Shopping for a car cover can be one of the best ways for you to protect your vehicle from all types of issues. Car covers come in numerous materials, providing you with unparalleled security based on your personal needs.

One of the most important ways that car covers help is protection from theft. Studies found that car thieves were much less likely to break into a car underneath a car cover. The material of the cover also protects the vehicle from the elements, making it ideal for drivers who do not have access to a garage or other parking enclosure…

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The Importance of a Vehicle History Report

One of the most exciting things you can do is buy a new-to-you car, but we at Kia of Sussex also want you to know exactly what you are in for. This is where a vehicle history report comes in handy.

A vehicle history report will help you become privy to what a vehicle has gone through in the past. Discover who the previous owner was, any liens on the car, the title and accident history, and so much more. This report is essential for you to read through before you make your final decision. 

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Wax Does More for Your Car than Providing a Shine

Most of the time, people will wash their car on the weekends and usually spend a great deal of time putting in a lot of detail to get it clean. But washing your car is not all it takes to get it to the optimum level for cleanliness and a restorative shine.

You should also wax your car on a periodic basis. When you do, you're not only getting the best results from all of your hard cleaning efforts, but you also help to maintain its original paint color. 

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Infotainment Systems Add Value to Your Driving Experience

We all like the idea of being informed and entertained while we are driving. Luckily, today there are all sorts of options available in so-called "infotainment" systems that offer navigation, entertainment and information features, all at the reach of our fingers and voice.

These infotainment systems can play music, provide directions, give vehicle statistics, and control the temperature simultaneously. The systems are proprietary to each automobile manufacturer, but most offer the same types of services. 

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The Proper Way to Fill the Roadside Emergency Kits

You should always be ready for anything you encounter on the road. Many Newton, NJ Kia drivers enjoy the safety of including a roadside emergency kit in their vehicle. These are a few important items that must be in your roadside emergency kit.

Assorted tools like a hammer, pliers, wrenches, and a socket set, could all be useful in the event you needed to make small repairs. A gallon of engine coolant can help refill the radiator if the car does overheat. Jumper cables make it easier for any other driver to assist in jump-starting your dead battery. 

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