Prepare Your Kia for the New Jersey Winter at Kia of Sussex

The temperatures are plummeting, and even though the ice and snow haven't made an appearance, there are signs winter around the corner. Is your Kia prepared for the change in season? There is no better time than now to get ready at Kia of Sussex in Newton, NJ. One visit to the service department at Kia of Sussex and you'll be ready to take on anything Mother Nature throws at you this winter.

So what does it take to get your Kia winter-ready? The team at Kia of Sussex knows exactly what your Kia needs. Durable tires, effective windshield wipers, and the proper oil temperature for your engine. These three things are sure to get you through the winter months safely.

  • Check your tires: Simply enough, make sure the tires on you Kia have the proper tread depth and tire pressure. Whether you have rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, if your tread is running low, your tires won't grip the road as well. You don't want to learn the hard way when you are on the side of the road between Hopatcong and Hackettstown. If that is the case, let the Kia of Sussex parts department equip your Kia with new all-weather or winter tires.
  • Inspect windshield wipers and fluid: Nothing can ruin a good winter drive like poor visibility. If you have fraying or cracked wipers, that will make your drive through Dover even more treacherous. Ineffective wipers will not swipe away the snow as it falls, smear it across your windshield. Cold weather washer fluid will ensure any rain or ice that falls can be melted away. Your regular fluid will freeze in the right conditions.
  • Replace your oil: The oil you have been using all summer simply won't lubricate your Kia's engine in the winter. Bring it to Kia of Sussex, and we'll install a lower temperature grade of oil for your engine. That will increase the viscosity to keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Maintain antifreeze and coolant levels: Antifreeze does a great job of protecting your engine from freezing. You do not want to run out of that as the temperatures drop below zero. Few things can do as much damage to your engine as extreme weather conditions.

There are other ways to protect your car from the winter elements this year. Carry a scraper in your car to ensure you can remove any ice that builds on your windows. Protect your paint job by keeping your car washed and waxed. Make sure you have blankets and snow gear inside in the event of an emergency.

These are some things to consider when Jack Frost starts creeping around Sussex. Don't get caught off guard this winter. Let the team at Kia of Sussex get your Kia ready for winter.

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