Compare Studded and Studless Winter Tires

Modern winter tires are designed to boost traction during the winter season. When you shop for such products at Kia of Sussex, you'll see a large selection of studded and studless options at retail prices.

The most durable winter tires for passenger cars have metallic studs installed on the tread. These protrusions significantly increase traction by directly gripping the pavement and cutting through ice. However, excessive noise is one major disadvantage of studded tires that are designed for the winter season. Such installations are only recommended for drivers who live in regions with heavy snow storms and frequent drops of temperatures below the freezing point.

Most passenger vehicles should be fitted with studless winter tires, which are relatively flexible. Unique notches and grooves in the tread reduce the accumulation of ice, snow and sleet under the tires. Additionally, premium studless tires don't generate loud noises as they roll on slippery surfaces.



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