Get Ready for Tailgating with Your Truck or SUV

Tailgating is a great way to have a casual party and enjoy a game too. We at Kia of Sussex have some great tips for tailgating with your truck. Getting your essentials ready before the day of the game is key for a stress-free event.

Turning a toolbox into a tailgating kit is a great way to fit everything in and keep it all organized. Include cooking utensils, bottle openers, can openers, zip bags, sunscreen, rain gear, trash bags, paper towels, and spices.

Prepping your snacks, veggies for toppings, meat, and washing coolers for the event can all happen the day prior to leaving. You can also create a hand washing station and some 6-pack holders for your condiments.

If you'd like more tips for your tailgating events, stop by our dealership and ask our associates any questions you have, while you get your vehicle serviced.



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