Don't Get Caught Without a Spare Tire

If you've ever gone out to your vehicle after work and realized that one of your tires was flat, you might have been hoping that you had a spare one on your vehicle. Many new cars don't automatically come with a spare tire, but you should have one just in case you hit a nail and get a slow leak. But which kind should you buy? There are several types of spare tires that you can have, but you should know the difference between the full-size, temporary tire and the compact, temporary tire.

The full-size, temporary tire is the same size as all of your other tires, but the rubber isn't as thick, so you can't keep it on your wheel for very long. One bonus to the full-size tire is that it will still work with your ABS. On the other hand, the compact, temporary tire is smaller, and you can only drive it under a certain speed.

If you need a spare tire, come to Kia of Sussex, and we'll help you find one.



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