The Proper Way to Fill the Roadside Emergency Kits

You should always be ready for anything you encounter on the road. Many Newton, NJ Kia drivers enjoy the safety of including a roadside emergency kit in their vehicle. These are a few important items that must be in your roadside emergency kit.

Assorted tools like a hammer, pliers, wrenches, and a socket set, could all be useful in the event you needed to make small repairs. A gallon of engine coolant can help refill the radiator if the car does overheat. Jumper cables make it easier for any other driver to assist in jump-starting your dead battery.

The flashlight and batteries are a must for breaking down in the dark. The flashlight can signal for help, allow other drivers to see you stranded, or be used while making repairs. Tire fix-a-flat can be used to move a disabled vehicle off the road far enough that you are no longer in the path of traffic.

Now that your roadside emergency kit is complete, visit the Kia service center here at Kia of Sussex so we can make sure you won't need to use it any time soon.

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