The Purpose of Gaskets

Our vehicles are made up of big items like motors and transmissions as well as many kinds of fluids and gases, which are held in check by gaskets. Despite their small size, gaskets play a very important role in helping your vehicle function as it should. Stop at our Kia parts center in Newton, NJ if you’re in need of gaskets or have some auto-related question.

Automotive gaskets can be made of rubber, copper or steel. Regardless of the material, the purpose is the same: to hold things together. Without gaskets, many parts under the hood would fall apart, and many fluids would be leaking everywhere. Gaskets are very strong and durable, yet they tend to wear out and break over time. It might be time to have your gaskets inspected.

If you have few concerns about old, worn gaskets or have some other automotive needs, visit us in our Newton shop or call for an appointment.

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