Keep Your Engine Cool With A Properly Maintained Cooling System

Your car, truck, or SUV's engine runs at super-hot temperatures. That is by design. But there is a threshold to every engine that if crossed, can cause potential damage. That is why your vehicle has a dedicated cooling system built in.

Your coolant runs through the system working to keep the operating temperature of your engine at the appropriate level, so over time the liquid that performs this task can get sludgy and need to be replaced.

When that happens, all of the coolant should be drained and properly disposed of. Then a proper flush of the system with water should be done to remove any leftover sludge or other particles that may have accumulated in the system. Finally, the coolant is replaced and you are ready to get back out on the road again.

If your vehicle is in need of a coolant system maintenance then bring it on into our service center here at Kia of Sussex in Newton and let us perform one for you today.
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