Reasons to Consider Buying a New Crossover

Crossovers have quickly become the go-to family car for many reasons. If you’ve been considering a crossover for your next vehicle but have some questions, stop in at Kia of Sussex and let us help you. We want to ensure that if and when you do make a purchase, you’re doing it because you have all the necessary facts and know what you want.

  • Can get in tight spots
  • More economical than an SUV
  • More spacious than a car
  • Customizable options
  • Easy to park
  • Offer a smooth ride
  • Available in a gas engine or as a hybrid
  • Less expensive than SUVs

If these facts have convinced you a crossover is worth a second look, come to our new Kia showroom and take the crossover of your choice out for a test drive.



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