Reasons to Consider a Hatchback Vehicle

While drivers seem to prefer sedans over a hatchback alternative, hatchbacks offer plenty of practical perks that make them a smart choice.

Hatchbacks typically offer drivers more cargo space than sedans. Folding down the rear seats extends the cargo area for carrying loads and can even match the capacity of some SUVs in certain models. Hatchbacks also feature plenty of visual appeal, setting them apart stylistically from many of the vehicles on the road. Several vehicle models on the road today, such as the Mini or Fiat, only come in a hatchback option. These cars typically retain their resale value at a higher percentage than their sedan counterparts.

If you'd like to take a hatchback vehicle for a test drive to see if it might be the right choice for you, stop by Kia of Sussex in Newton, NJ. You can arrange to take one out on the road and ask our vehicle specialists any questions you may have.

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