Should You Buy a FWD or RWD Vehicle?

Ah, the choices we must make when selecting a new or used car. It can become frustrating trying to figure out which is the best for us. This does not have to be a stressful situation if you educate yourself on the benefits. For instance, you may be wondering if you should buy a front-wheel or rear-wheel vehicle. This auto guide might help.

Front-Wheel Drive

With the major components of the drivetrain located in the front of a vehicle with front-wheel drive, this type of vehicle provides a good deal of traction for staying on the road when driving in muddy or icy conditions. However, it also makes repairs more expensive when a pothole takes a toll on it.

Rear-Wheel Drive

Rear-wheel drive vehicles are most often used by law enforcement purposes and racing because they offer more balance since the engine is in the front and other components of the drivetrain are distributed throughout the rest of the vehicle.

To find out more about the advantages of driving front-wheel or rear-wheel vehicles, contact our Kia sales staff in Newton, NJ.

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